Complimentary consultation (15 minute visit): I offer a complimentary consultation designed to help you understand more about naturopathic medicine, learn how a naturopathic doctor can address your specific health concerns, and what to expect from treatment.  There is no obligation to book further appointments and there is no charge for this consult. Please note that no treatment recommendations will be provided during this visit.

Initial intake (60 minute visit): Online intake forms will be emailed to you and should be completed prior to your appointment. Relevant physical exams will be performed and necessary blood work may be ordered. Online intake forms are available in the booking section of this website and should be completed prior to your appointment. If you have recently completed blood work with your medical doctor, it may be helpful to bring a copy of this with you to the initial intake or email a copy of it to the clinic in advance of your appointment. The primary purpose of this visit is to gather the necessary information for diagnosis and the development of a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan.

Follow up appointments (30-45 minute visit): Follow-up appointments are shorter in length and will be scheduled in order to monitor your progress and make changes to your treatment plan. The number of follow-up appointments required will depend entirely on your diagnosis and your progress. Often times the first follow-up visit will be booked 1-3 weeks after your initial intake and subsequent follow-up visits will be booked 4-6 weeks apart.


Naturopathic medicine is not covered by OHIP but is covered by many extended health insurance plans. Typically insurance plans provide coverage for the cost of appointments but do not reimburse patients any blood work that is ordered, or supplements that are purchased as part of a treatment plan. Please consult your insurance provider to determine whether you have naturopathic coverage.


Initial Consultation (60 minutes): $200
First Follow-Up (45 minutes): $150
All Other Follow-Ups (30 minutes): $100
*There is no HST charged on appointment fees


Our clinic offers direct billing for many major insurance providers including SunLife, Manulife, Great-West Life, Greenshield, Blue Cross, Desjardins and others. When a patient has several insurance providers, direct billing may only be completed to the primary insurer. Patients are responsible for the cost of their appointment if the direct billing system does not accept their claim. In that case, a receipt is provided and the patient may submit manually.


If you're wondering how a naturopathic doctor can help you with your specific concerns, please book a free 15-minute consult.